1000 Days - A quick retrospective on switching to straight edge

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1000 Days My blog has been pretty dead lately. Although I have the goal of writing one blog entry a month, I keep on pushing this task due to various reasons. And even with COVID, my life got busier than ever before. During these intense, but fun, days I got reminded by an app on my phone about one big thing, this being: Exactly one thousand days ago I decided to not consume any alcohol, nicotine, or (for the sake of completeness) any other drug anymore.

Happy New Decade ~ 2020

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Happy new year and a good start into the 21st century twenties A healthy and awesome start into the new year to everyone! As the new decade begins, many people tend to set themselves additional new years resolutions. I thoroughly don’t believe in this particular tradition. But I believe in kicking bad habits - independently from any specific day of a year. So I did. And encourage everyone to do the same.

Mamiya Rb 67 Professional S - a beast of a camera

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April, 2019. 49 years after its premiere on the photography market, I decided to purchase a Mamiya RB 67. Whilst I already had experience with medium format TLRs (the WZFO Start-B), which we had acquired for a vintage wedding of one of my closest friends, and which sparked my interested in analogue photography, it turned out that the Mamiya RB 67 is a completely different beast. Capable of pictures rivalling modern digital cameras in look and detail.

A life without advertisements - Pihole DNS Adblocker

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You have enough of advertisement? Yes, who hasn’t… You say you are using an AdBlocker? What if I tell you, there is a much better option than using an AdBlocker. It will safe internet traffic, it will boost loading speeds, and it will give you much more control about everything. Sounds tempting right? So, if you have a spare one of these: , or even if you don’t, check out this tutorial!

WZFO Start-B - a medium format camera

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Recently one of my best friends married, and I took the honor of being his best man. The wedding took place in a historical franconian castle. The pairs wish was that all the guests follow the theme “vintage”. This being a very broad theme, I decided to follow the rules and buy some ol fashioned clothes/a old fashioned suite, to be as appropriately dressed as possible. During my research I stumbled over some old footage, and eventually decided to actually purchase a old film camera.

Berlin Kreuzberg Trash Part One

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My daily commute to work includes walking a beautiful strip of berlin roads. Namely: Prinzenstraße, and its side-, and crossroads. I pass a lot of green until I reach our office (from Moritzplatz to Gitschinerstraße), conveniently located next to a brothel and close to Prinzenstraße U-Bahn Station, in one of the rear courtyard of a Gitschiner Straße building (luckily freshly renovated). However, this beautiful path is frequently destroyed by what I encounter there….

Sunday Is Golangday #1

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Sunday is Golangday will be a new series of golang related learnings of mine. As I have just started learning Golang, this will be mainly focusing on the basics of the go programming language. What is golang Go (by Google) is a programming language created at Google in 2009. Not to be confused with Go! (a functional programming language developed by Francis McCabe, and Keith Clark and first appeared in 2003).

Access tokens, passwords, sensitive data, and how to avoid a data breach

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Some words about privacy (and data privacy) and how to assure it Many people consider the terms data protection, data privacy, and privacy in general to be synonyms, and even though they are all closely related, they complement each other without ever being the same. privacy: the quality or state of being apart from company or observation1 data privacy: …is about authorized access — who has it and who defines it2

ARCHIVED initial landing page - more a first post

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Information: This went live initially on 2018-04-09 at 00:44:51+02:00 I decided to move this very nice first landing page to the posts sections, as it rather appears to me as a real post. A primer This is dedicated to all the time spent in front of computers. Finding a true way to express oneself in projects, and beginning to make a small private blog a habit. In all it’s glory, I will present you, the humble inventions, findings, and collections of myself, friends, family and fools.

How-To: Increment Selected Values Inside Insert Statement

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Welcome to my first snippet addition to this website. I hope you find this as helpful as I find it sometimes. Why would I need this? Imagine you want to fill a field of a table with a sequenctially value, but do not have any ID for a sequence and are using PostgreSQL, and you also already have information in this table that you want to append on. Well there is this option to use the internal ID (CID) provided by PostgreSQL, but this only works to a certain extent.

A Second Day With Hugo

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Second entry - first commit After setting things up initially in a Mac environment and creating a new post, why not doing the same for windows? –> Bad idead Still, I’m getting it and slowly things are coming together Setting Hugo up on a windows machine is not utterly complex, but also not as fluent of an experience as on linux, or mac. One might wonder why I have to deal with three different environments at all?

A New Day With Hugo

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Initial Entry - no commit Just doing the setup like described in the quickstart. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing here So setting up hugo was a smooth experience on my macbook. 1st Step: Installing the depencie via brew install hugo 2nd Step: Installing the desired them as a submodule via git add submodule <ADD_URI_TO_DESIRED_THEME_GIT> <PATH_IF_NECESSARY>; 3rd Step: Adding a first post via hugo new posts/ Et voilà and here we are.