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Information: This went live initially on 2018-04-09 at 00:44:51+02:00 I decided to move this very nice first landing page to the posts sections, as it rather appears to me as a real post.

A primer

This is dedicated to all the time spent in front of computers. Finding a true way to express oneself in projects, and beginning to make a small private blog a habit. In all it’s glory, I will present you, the humble inventions, findings, and collections of myself, friends, family and fools. This website is built with hugo, where content is mainly written in markdown and insanely fast converted to a static website. I used to develop a lot of static websites without website generators just using frameworks like bootstrap or milligram and static html code, but a colleague and friend of mine Robert Jefe Lindstaedt mentioned hugo a couple of times and this is ultimately the best solution ever for a problem I didn’t know I was having. Thus I decided to create a new blog dedicated to technology, the business world around development, software engineering, my hobbies and little projects that I pursue to keep life interesting.

“Well, if droids could think, there’d be none of us here, would there?” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

Who am I?

My name is Maximilian and I also go by the cryptic name 23Ro. You can find me here, on linkedin, my personal online CV, on github, and also on a lot of other platforms. I’m a technical product owner, professional bug catcher, and developer myself (though development is not official my current profession). My skillset is based on a technological foundation, with some outreaches to academical economics, but I went quickly back to the more technical side of things working my way steadily up the stream of challenges we encounter on a daily basis combingin the world of development, product management, and non-technical business tasks.

What I do here and why I think I’m the right person to spread my knowledge?

As mentioned before, I dedicate this project to all the time spent in front of computers taking part in forming the modern world. We all contribute to a better understanding, if we share the information given to us, or compiled by us. I do not think that I’m the right person to spread my knowledge, but I rather think that everyone who has information worth sharing, should do so without contempt. However, if there is wrong information shared, or information of low quality, it can also have negative effects on mankind, as seen in lots of sad examples during the last centuries - people know this and people use/abused this. If you find things interesting here, and or learn something, I’m glad I could help. If you feel like I missed a point, or I’m sharing wrong information, please feel free to reach out to me or contribute.

Where am I?

Based and located in Berlin, Germany. Initially spawned in the most northern southern part of Germany (upper franconia), Coburg, I set out to do my things and eventually had the chance to live in several places on this planet during the last couple of years. Now I’m settled for good (at least for now) in Berlin.

Roam free

For now, I’m happy to let you roam free.