Berlin Kreuzberg Trash Part One

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My daily commute to work includes walking a beautiful strip of berlin roads. Namely: Prinzenstraße, and its side-, and crossroads. I pass a lot of green until I reach our office (from Moritzplatz to Gitschinerstraße), conveniently located next to a brothel and close to Prinzenstraße U-Bahn Station, in one of the rear courtyard of a Gitschiner Straße building (luckily freshly renovated). However, this beautiful path is frequently destroyed by what I encounter there…. it’s trash. Trash everywhere. People seem to have no idea about how proper disposal of trash works. Germany has, compared to other countries in europe and the rest of the world, a very nice system for recycling and disposing trash. There is the so called ‘Sperrmüll’, which can be called and used to discard whatever is too bulky to throw it into the trashbin. Here follow some Photos taken with my Oneplus 5t on my daily way to work.

Photos of trash - Berlin, Kreutzberg, Early Summer of 2018

A summerbed

Free chairs for Kreuzberg

A kind donation of trash

Clearly some correct bottle disposal

I’m sure that trash is not the first thing anyone wants to see in his instagram feed. My goal is less to raise awareness of how much trash mankind actually generates, but rather how we handle it in our own neighbourhoods. I travel from Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg to Kreuzberg everyday, and I’m fully aware of the fact that these are two completely different district with a whole lot of cultural, political, and social differences. However, this is not a justification for dumping trash, littering, or just throwing special waste out on the streets. Also I like taking pictures with my phone, so if share my oppinion, feel free to share this on twitter or instagram.