A New Day With Hugo

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Initial Entry - no commit

Just doing the setup like described in the quickstart.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing here

So setting up hugo was a smooth experience on my macbook.

1st Step:

Installing the depencie via brew install hugo

2nd Step:

Installing the desired them as a submodule via git add submodule <ADD_URI_TO_DESIRED_THEME_GIT> <PATH_IF_NECESSARY>;

3rd Step:

Adding a first post via hugo new posts/a-new-day-with-hugo.md

Et voilĂ  and here we are. Now I was able to write my first blogpost in writedown.

4th Step:

Having a look with hugo server -D. The param -D is used to let Hugo know, that it needs to compile the *.md file with draft set to true.

5th Step: