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Atmospheric particulate matter in Germany - Berlin Mitte

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This data is gathered by a sensor on my balcony that participates in the citizen science project named formerly Luftdaten. The esp32 running the software of the is installed in a custom 3d printed housing, and pushes the data through a simple gcp cloud function into a firestore db. The code can be found here in a github repo.


"Well, if droids could think, thereā€™d be none of us here, would there?" - Obi-Wan Kenobi

This is the personal webpage of Maximilian Nebl (aka 23Ro)

Here you can find content I create. I don’t write very often. Topics that interest me, and what I likely write about are:

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My profession is programming. I’m currently (since Jan/22) the CTO (and a Co-Founder) at AGXWorld. We develop a modern technology suite for logistics. It’s a very specific solution for the vertical, and a fascinating approach to digitalizing a very rusty industry that has patches of software solutions here and there, but lacks vision and the drive to glue things together.

Before that I was a programmer, head of product, professional bug catcher, and swiss army knife at a fintech company in Berlin.

Other side projects are:

** My project is not - seems like someone had the same idea :)


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