1000 Days - A quick retrospective on switching to straight edge

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1000 Days

My blog has been pretty dead lately. Although I have the goal of writing one blog entry a month, I keep on pushing this task due to various reasons. And even with COVID, my life got busier than ever before.

During these intense, but fun, days I got reminded by an app on my phone about one big thing, this being:

Exactly one thousand days ago I decided to not consume any alcohol, nicotine, or (for the sake of completeness) any other drug anymore. (Except the ones my doctor advises me to take obv.)

My age to date is 28 (soon turning 29) and I’ve started drinking, for social reasons, as any other teenager. I also smoked on and off for a very long time. Some years less, some years more intense, with the latter the predominent. More or less both began rather to accustom myself in socially, to me often non-pleasant, environments. Always having been a solid drinker, this habbit of mine did never really cease swinging.

Over the course of my studies and shortly after I’ve reached the pinnacle of consumption. At one point, probably also connected to my increased age, affecting my performance and making my mind rather sluggish.

I decided to drop all of it 100% on cold-turkey. Effectively locked me out of a couple of social circles that I usually only attended while going out.

To date, this has been the best decision of my life. I couldn’t be happier.

My mind has become as agile as never before, and whilst not doing it for any greater “philosophy”, I now understand and appreciate the concept of straight edge better than ever.

I’m sorry for the people that I haven’t got to see after I’ve stopped forcing myself to go out to clubs, bars, and pubs.

And I’m lucky for those that still call me up for a chat, laughter, or a weekend of hacking and fooling around!

Btw. not only have I probably increased my life expectancy quite a bit, I’ve also gained back ~ 140 weekends that I have spent active, and not vegetating in bed, eating junk, complaining about the many EUR flushed down the toilet in booze, cabs, and cigarettes. DEF: BEST DECISION!